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Dr Marcel du Plessis
Postdoctoral Researcher in Marine Science

Department of Marine Science
University of Gothenburg
Office 3234 | Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B

Email: marcel.du.plessis@gu.se
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This February I received the European Commission Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Standard European Fellowship! In this fellowship, I aim to enhance our knowledge of oceanic heat and carbon uptake in the Southern Ocean in order to reduce uncertainties in future global climate model projections.

The award will be hosted University of Gothenburg working with Assoc. Prof. Sebastiaan Swart. It’s a 2-year fellowship starting in August 2021.

Schematic cartoon showing the complex processes occurring at the ice-ocean interface.

In March 2020, I joined GU as a SO-CHIC (Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate) Postdoctoral Fellow. My research aims to understand what processes drive the variability of air-sea heat and carbon fluxes in the Southern Ocean. To do this, I use observations taken at the air-sea interface from autonomous robotic platforms and to try to simulate these using a process study ocean model.

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This is a re-post from the Polar Gliders team blog published on 3 July 2020 Four new Autonomous Underwater Vehicles called SeaExplorers have arrived in Gothenburg. They are buoyancy propelled gliders developed by the France based Alseamar-Alcen that yo up and down in the ocean collecting physical and biological measurements. These gliders were brought to …

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