Southern Ocean Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate
March 2020 – Present
PI: J.B. Salleé

I am currently hired at Gothenburg University on a two-year contract as a postdoc on the SO-CHIC (Southern Ocean – Carbon and Heat Impact on Climate) project. I am working working with A. Prof. Sebastiaan Swart (lead for WP1) on observing air-sea fluxes of heat, freshwater, momentum and carbon.

Robotic Observations and Modelling of the Marginal Ice Zone
December 2018 – Present
PI: A. Prof. Sebastiaan Swart
Funded by: Wallenberg Foundation, STINT-NRF

I began working on the ROAM-MIZ project in December 2018 – when we deployed a Seaglider and a Sailbuoy in the Antarctic MIZ.

The sea-ice impacted region around Antarctica remains a blind-spot for climate scientists. In ROAM-MIZ, we aim to take the right observations of the ocean and atmosphere to better understand how this misunderstood region impacts climate.

Seasonal Turbulence Observations from Robotics and Modelling in the Southern Ocean (STORMS)
March 2019 – Present
PI: Dr Sarah Nicholson (CSIR), co-PI: A. Prof. Sebastiaan Swart

I began working on STORMS during my postdoc at CSIR. I am currently still working closely with Dr Nicholson on two publications.