You can find a link to my full CV here.

Current positions

  • Postdoctoral Researcher, Marine Science Department, University of Gothenburg
  • Executive Committee Member on Southern Ocean Flux Working Group in the Southern Ocean Observing System
  • Associated for Early Career Scientists South African National Committee Member


Masters students:

  • Bongiwe Jojo (2019 – now) based at University of Cape Town. Understanding the CO2 flux in the sea-ice impacted Southern Ocean.
  • Sean Evans (2019 – now) based at University of Cape Town. Physical dynamics on Marion Is. seal foraging.
  • David Hagman (2020 – now) based at Göteborgs Universitet. Observations of the Southern Ocean heat fluxes from SA Agulhas II.
  • Johan Edholm (2019 – 2020) based at Göteborgs Universitet. Southern Ocean surface buoyancy response to precipitation supplied by atmospheric rivers. Thesis passed in August 2020 with distinction.

Bachelors students:

  • Johan Edholm (2019) based at Göteborgs Universitet. Atmospheric rivers over the South Atlantic Ocean, and their impact on freshwater fluxes to the upper ocean. Graduated with distinction.

Education and qualifications

  • April 2015 – July 2018: PhD in Ocean & Atmosphere Dynamics from the University of Cape Town
  • March 2013 – November 2014: Master in Physical Oceanography at the University of Cape Town
  • February 2009 – November 2012: Undergrad and honours in Ocean & Atmospheric and Environmental & Geographical Science at University of Cape Town

Work Experience (on land and sea)

  • September 2018 – February 2019: Research assistant at the University of Gothenburg coding the autonomous reporting of live glider data transmissions ( (PI on the project: S. Swart).
  • February – November 2016: Tutoring MATLAB for ocean scientists for the University of Cape Town Marine Masters course.
  • July – August 2015: At the start of my PhD, I went on a research cruise from Cape Town to the Southern Ocean Marginal Ice Zone assisting with the deployment of Seagliders and Wave Gliders.
  • February – March 2013: Southern Ocean Seasonal Cycle Experiment voyage on S.A. Agulhas I to the Southern Ocean retrieving the Seaglider that I used for my Masters thesis. I also lead the collection of underway CTD data and assisted with the chlorophyll filtration.
  • January – February 2013: Coldest Journey Expedition voyage to the Antarctica ice shelf on the S.A. Agulhas I deploying underway CTDs.
  • July – August 2012: S.A. Agulhas II inaugural winter research voyage to Antarctica deploying XBTs.


  • 2019: Travel funding for Research visit to University of Gothenburg from International Meteorological Institute of Stockholm guest funding.
  • 2015: PhD Scholarship from Council for Scientific and Industrial Research for Ocean Physics funded by South African National Antarctic Program.
With Seb and Louise on the R/V Skagerak during the Kongsberg Seaglider Training course in May 2016.