[January 2022] Blog post: “My SO-CHIC diary Part 1: from shore to ship” – a blog about my experience on the SO-CHIC research expedition to the Southern Ocean.

[October 2021] “Our observations can improve climate models” – an article about the fieldwork I’ll do for my Marie Curie Project, written by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.

[September 2021] “The barriers to climate science in the global south” – a Carbon Brief news article that I contributed to looking into the often unnoticed disadvantages for young researchers from the global south.

[July 2020] Link to a blog article where I joined along with the Voice of the Ocean Foundation in their training to use a new ocean glider called SeaExplorer.

[February 2019] “The robotic gliders that roam Antarctic waters” – Short news piece I wrote for the University of Cape Town on our work in the ocean off Antarctica.